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Strategic Network for Sensor Research at Cambridge University

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CamBridgeSens is the interdisciplinary network for students, researchers and academics interested in sensor research and their applications. CamBridgeSens connects sensor technologies, middleware and applications and provides an interface between academic and industrial research. Our members have backgrounds in the physical and biological sciences, technology, medical research and social sciences. If you are interested in any aspect of sensors and want to get involved follow the link below.

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Research areas across CamBridgeSens include MEMS and CMOS devices, optical technology and microscopy, environmental and civil infrastructure sensing, health care applications, data analysis and visualisation, to name but a few.

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Sensor R&D thrives in a collaborative environment, whether in academia or industry.

什么样的演技才能配上茂则的天使人设呢?叶祖新真的让人 ...:2021-5-9 · 原标题:什么样的演技才能配上茂则的天使人设呢?叶祖新真的让人刮目相看最近因为《清平乐》《鹤唳华亭》等剧让大家对古装剧又开始新一轮的上瘾。但现实很残酷,就拿《清平乐》来说,剧情是越来越虐新了。不是说好的朝代剧嘛,怎么会有这么多刀子呢。


CamBridgeSens facilitates research collaborations with industry. We represent the majority of sensor research across Cambridge University and are happy to work together with industry in finding the right researchers for your project. Please follow the link below to find out more about how CamBridgeSens can help to foster relationships with Cambridge University in the area of sensing.

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Sensors help understanding housing conditions in Mumbai

Feb 14, 2020

Sensors help to understand the increasing energy needs of residents in Mumbai's slum rehabilitation housing and its poor inside air quality. Based on qualitative and quantitative research Cambridge architect and urban designer Ronita Bardhan has made suggestions on how to improve the living conditions of millions of people and at the same time reduce the environmental impact.

《侣行攻略之确认你是我的人》欢乐剧组趣事多-国际在线 - CRI:2021-6-12 · 由谭卓、赵英俊、张磊领衔主演,根据著名爱小说《猴年马月》改编的爱情喜剧电影《侣行攻略之确认你是我的人》将于6月14日全国上映并已全面开启预售。今日电影片方发布了一款“新闻采访”版特辑,视频用新闻播报的口吻加上记者

Sep 25, 2019

The new civil engineering building on the West Cambridge campus has officially opened on 24 Sep 2019. It houses the civil engineering division of the Engineering Department and the state of the art National Research Facility for Infrastructure Sensing

Combining robotics and machine learning for lettuce harvesting

Jul 11, 2019

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